Caldwell 101: The five C’s of Caldwell

What are The 5 C’s of Caldwell?

  • These C’s are what Caldwell focuses on when given a project.
  • They pull away from our products and allow the customer to see the type of service provided by Caldwell.
  • Caldwell Projects may be massive, complicated affairs, but the 5 C’s are not.


  • It’s simple, at Caldwell, our number one focus is on the Customer.
  • We have the experience and knowledge to provide consultation with our customers and advise the product that will best suit all their needs and wants.


  • Here at Caldwell, we are committed to every project.
  • We are committed with the relationship we have with our customers.
  • From the first drafts, to the finished product, and even many years down the road, Caldwell will always be there for our Customers.


  • At Caldwell, we stay in control of the project. We have the means necessary to complete projects without bringing in a large number of other companies and subcontractors.
  • Caldwell constructs projects out of carbon steel, stainless steel, exotic steels, fused glass-to-steel, and concrete, with the headquarter plant located in Louisville, KY.


  • Even after the finished product, Caldwell is ready to help.
  • Caldwell also coats or repaints other products, like steel shafts, concrete tanks, and other vessels.


  • With over 125 years of experience, you can’t find a more confident company.
  • As a Customer, you can be Confident that your project will be done according to schedule and as planned.
  • At the end of the project, you can be confident in your new asset being valuable for many years to come.